Applecore - Series Teaser

Been awhile since posting -- so it goes! End frame for a concept I've been tinkering
with (haven't we all.) Quantum Leap style following two protagonist Ghouls, one named
Applecore (this guy here) and the other Chowderhead an undead rodeo clown.

I'm a cheesey dude ;)


Bashed the model in z-brush / decimated / unwrapped / exported lo and hi.

Textured in substance using Share source -- the zombie skin to be exact.

Modeled "living room" using primitives and procedural shaders / noise.

Houdini for curtain and breath. Curtain textured in substance with some default share sources and default shaders.

Rigged in mixamo and found an idle animation that fit the idea from the initial sketch -- as if he's watching, breathing, lamenting
the living.

Hair stylized in C4D -- and I was going for otherworldly, floaty.

This mix is the track was used for the audio --

Patrick martinez applecore sketchlayout

Initial sketch for framing

Patrick martinez applecore char 01

Bashed Sculpt Zbrew